Happy New Year.

New Year promises fresh start and fills every heart with hopes and aspirations.

We wish you and your lovely family a very Happy New Year.

Your ADELI Team


Just4Children Just Helping Children

Just4Children provides support for families to help their sick and disabled children.

Just4Children is passionate about the relief of sickness and preservation of health of children in the UK and Ireland by providing and assisting in the provision of grants to enable them to obtain medical treatment, therapies, living environments, equipment and holidays which would not otherwise be available to them.

Just4Children provides support for families in these areas:

  • Life changing treatment for children with brain injuries;
  • Access to quality of life enhancing surgeries and treatments like selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) and stem cell therapy;
  • Access to life-saving surgeries and treatments;
  • Probable and likely surgeries and treatments as yet not diagnosed;
  • Short breaks and holidays for children with families fighting illnesses and disabilities;
  • Mobility and sensory equipment;
  • Holistictherapy and support programmes for autistic children;
  • Adaptions to homes and living environments to improve quality of life;
  • Sports equipment to enable talented disabled athletes to participate in competitive sport;
  • And any other areas the trustees feel will benefit disabled and sick children.

We can help children with many different medical conditions. This includes the treatment and support for conditions associated with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), stress,attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and demand avoidance (PDA).

We support disabled children aged 0-18 up until their 19th birthday and their families regardless of their disability or health condition. The cornerstone of our work is to act as a safety net for families unable to get the help theyneed. We are non-condition specific.

We would help UK and Irish families fundraise through us for the visit to ADELI Medical Center. The fundraising could be for therapy, travel, hotel, physics and equipment. We take no fees and all monies raised towards the rehabilitation in the ADELI Center would include the extra 25% gift go to the rehabilitation.



+44 1892 710155



Dear ADELI friends,

Since the holidays are right around the corner, this year, the ADELI Foundation has decided to prepare a little surprise for you in the form of ADELI Advent Calendar. Each day in December until December 24th, one box will open in the calendar with a small surprise. The gifts from our sponsors will be different each day – from cosmetics to toys, to gift vouchers, and sweets, to various rehabilitation aids and many other things.

All clients of the ADELI Medical Center who completed a rehabilitation session in our clinic from November 1st, 2014 to October 31st 2015 will be included in the daily lottery draw. Clients, who completed their rehabilitation stay more than once, will have the respective amounts of lottery tickets, and thus a better chance of winning the small prizes.

We will be continuously informing you about the lottery draw on our websites and on Facebook; however, the winners will be contacted only directly and not announced publicly as means of protecting your personal data. We are starting on December 1st, 2015!

We would like to extend our gratitude to the partners and sponsors of the project: DAMITO, SALESIANER MIETTEX, CORETA, METRO Cash & Carry SR, BENE-TE, Fotolab, IT BUBBLE, DM Drogerie, DELIKOMAT, JUVENTAS, GENERIS, Podotech, OMRON, Acare, Letmo SK.

We wish you Happy Holidays and lots of luck during the drawings of our Foundation‘s Advent Calendar.

ADELI Foundation Team



Congratulations to the competition winners

Congratulations to the competition winners and big thanks to all who entered the contest!

We will contact the winners by November 5th.

1. Natalia Piskorova – 1188 likes
2. Matus Breznicky – 962 likes
3. Michaela Chovanova – 883 likes
4. Tomasko Hulina – 531 likes
5. Samko Salva – 391 likes
6. Kristinka Hattalova – 280 likes
7. Davidek Kosek – 272 likes
8. Andrea Kozakova – 257 likes
9. Lukasko Vais – 244 likes
10. Tomasko Kupec – 217 likes


My best day in ADELI

Dear parents, relatives and friends of ADELI,

We would like to cordially invite you to participate in our little FB Photo Contest “My Best Day in ADELI” J

The competition is designed exclusively for the clients of the ADELI Medical Center (and their legal guardians).

Just send us your pictures from ADELI and you might become one of the winners! You can win a gift voucher with a value from 30 to 100 EUR and choose your prize from our sponsor company CEWE a.s. (www.fotolab.sk) and have your express delivery for free!

Today, on October 1st, we would like to announce the commencement of the competition by asking you to send us any pictures which meet the following requirements:

  • The photograph must display a client of the rehabilitation institute ADELI Medical Center
  • Photo has to be made within the premises of ADELI Medical Center, or at least contain the relevant attributes of the Center – ADELI diploma, ADELI medal, etc.
  • The photo must be accompanied with a description/phrase, name and surname of the client, eventually also of his/her legal guardian, the address for the delivery of prizes in case of a win, and a valid phone number.
  • Photos must be made by individuals, i.e. photographs taken by the professional photographer of the ADELI Medical Center cannot be used.

Please send your photos to this email address: facebook@adelicenter.eu by midnight of Wednesday, October 14th.

All eligible photos will be published on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/adelicenter) on morning of Thursday, October 15th and the voting will last until Saturday, October 31st. Winners will be announced maximum three days after the end of the competition.

The winners will be ten (10) pictures with the highest number of “Like” marks. Prizes are as follows:

1st place – gift voucher with a value of 100 Euro

2nd place – gift voucher with a value of 70 Euro

3rd place – gift voucher with a value of 50 Euro

4th – 10th place – gift vouchers with the values of 30 Euro


“My best day in ADELI”

  1. Organizer of the competition

The organizer of the competition «My best day in ADELI» is: ADELI, spol. s r.o.,  Hlboká 45, 921 01 Piešťany, Slovakia IČO: 35850655 (hereinafter referred to as the „competition organizer“), which operates the rehabilitation center ADELI Medical Center. The organizer of the competition takes full responsibility for its actions and agrees to abide to the rules of the social network Facebook.

  1. Sponsor of the competition

The sponsor of the competition is company CEWE a.s. (hereinafter referred to as the “competition sponsor”), which undertakes the full responsibility to provide prizes for the competition winners.

  1. Duration of the competition

The duration of the competition is limited and it will last from 15.10.2015 do 31.10.2015.

  1. Eligibility requirements for the competition

Any individual, who is a client of the ADELI Medical Center, may enter the competition. The term “client of the ADELI Medical Center, is hereby defined as an individual who has completed at least one rehabilitation session in the ADELI Medical Center. Each eligible competitor must fulfil one of the following conditions:

  • the individual person, participating in the competition, is at least 18 years old and has full legal rights, with the exception of persons listed in Article 10 of these conditions.
  • the individual person, participating in the competition, can be less than 18 years old and/or be deprived of his/her legal rights, only if represented by its legal guardian or any other authorized representative.

All individuals, who fulfil the afore-mentioned criteria, and who have sent a photograph to the email address of the organizer from 01.10.2015 to 15.10.2015 (photographs need to meet the requirements set out in Article 5) and received a subsequent confirmation of receipt of the photos to the contest, will be enrolled in the competition.

  1. Requirements for the photograph

Contestants can enter the competition by sending an email with a photograph to the email address of the organizer of competition: facebook@adelicenter.eu. Photos, which the organizer receives from 01.10.2015 to 15.10.2015 and only which meet the following criteria, will be enrolled in the competition:

  • The photograph must display a client of the rehabilitation institute ADELI Medical Center
  • Photo has to be made within the premises of ADELI Medical Center, or at least contain the relevant attributes of the Center – ADELI diploma, ADELI medal, etc.
  • The photo must be accompanied with a description/phrase, name and surname of the client, eventually also of his/her legal guardian, the address for the delivery of prizes in case of a win, and a valid phone number. The organizer guarantees confidentiality of the information.
  • Photos must be made by individuals, i.e. photographs taken by the professional photographer of the ADELI Medical Center cannot be used.
  • By sending an email with the photo, the contestant (or his/her guardian) gives the organizer of the competition consent to processing and publication of the audio-visual material on the social network Facebook.
  • The photo must have a minimum size of 300 KB.
  1. Duration and course of the competition

The competition takes place on the Facebook page of the organizer of the competition:

https://www.facebook.com/adelicenter from 15.10.2015 to 31.10.2015

On the first day of the competition, i.e. 15.10.2015, the organizer will publish on its Facebook page all photos received in the period from 01.10.2015 to 15.10.2015, which fulfil the conditions set out in Article 5 of these rules.

  1. Selection of the winners

The winners of the competition will be ten contestants with the highest number of „likes“. Only “likes” on photographs on the official Facebook page of the competition organizer will be counted in. The number of “likes” for each photo will be recorded exactly at 00:00AM on 01.11.2015. The winners of competition will be on announced on the Facebook page of the competition organizer and on the website www.adelicenter.eu maximum 3 days after the end of the competition. The organizer of the contest will subsequently contact the winners based on the provided contact information, pursuant to Article 5 of these rules.

  1. Prizes

Prizes for winning the competition are as follows:

  1. place: 100 EUR voucher
  2. place: 70 EUR voucher
  3. place: 50 EUR voucher
  4. -10. place: 30 EUR voucher

These vouchers can be redeemed for gifts/products from the website of sponsor of the competition: http://www.fotolab.sk/. The organizer of the competition will help with the selection of the gifts for the winners who will need language translation of the website. The winner can choose a produce with a higher price than the amount on the winning coupon, while the remaining part of the costs will be covered from his/her own resources. In case the winner will select a product with a lower price than the winning voucher, the remaining value of the voucher is deemed unusable and thus cannot be used for a second time (i.e. the winning voucher must be used only one time).

In case of multiple contenders for one winning position (two or more participants with the same number of points, i.e. “Likes”), the winners will be determined by the jury in the ADELI Medical Center (jury: Management of ADELI Medical Center). Winners of the competition residing in Slovakia will receive the selected prizes directly by post from the sponsor. For winners residing outside of Slovakia, the selected prizes will be sent by post to the address of the organizer of the competition. The organizer will subsequently ensure shipping of the products to the individual winners, based on the contact information provided to the organizer, unless the organizer agrees with the winners otherwise. The organizer assumes no responsibility for any incorrect contact information of the competitors. In case this information will be provided by the competitors as incomplete, incorrect or with errors and the delivery of the win prizes will remain therefore unrealized, the competitor automatically loses any right to claim the prize. Each winner is obliged to verify his identity to the organizer, if requested. In case of persons under 18 years of age or persons deprived of legal capacity, the prize will be handed over to the legal (or any other authorized) guardian of the competitor. In cases of dispute about the entitlement to the prize by the winner, or the conditions of these rules of competition, the organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on these claims. None of the prizes can be exchanged for other products or services of the organizer, or of any third party. Winning prizes are not transferable.

  1. Responsibility of the competition organizer

There is no legal ground for claim to any of the wins in the competition, and the prizes cannot be recovered through legal claims at the court. The competition organizer does not cover any costs to the participants incurred in connection with their participation in the competition. The competition organizer is not liable for any damages incurred in connection with opting out of the competition, failure to collect, rejection or renunciation of the winning prizes. The competition organizer is not responsible for the functionality of the Internet connection, or for any services not operated solely by him or with the help of co-operating third parties.

  1. Exclusion of organizer’s employees and other entities from the competition

The competition is not open to employees, members of the executive or supervisory body of the competition organizer (the company ADELI, spol. s.r.o.), nor to any person engaged in the preparation and running of the competition, nor to people close to the afore-mentioned persons (§116 of the Slovak Civil Code). These people will be excluded from the competition by the organizer.

  1. Personal data
  2. By participating in the competition and providing of the personal data, each contestant gives the organizer a consent to the processing of personal data to the extent the contestant provided, in order to commence competition and ensure his/her participation in the competition; and for advertising purposes of any form. The contestant grants the consent to processing of his/her personal data for an indefinite period. Contestant may revoke his/her consent to the processing of personal data with a written notice delivered to the address of the organizer. On the date of receipt of such notification by the organizer, the contestant is deemed not compliant to the terms & conditions of the competition, is excluded from the competition, and loses the right to participate further in the competition, including the right to win. The rights of persons during the processing of personal data are governed by § 28 et seq. Law no. 122/2013 Z.z. on the protection of personal data.
  3. Hereby, the winner grants his/her consent to the organizer to publish his/her first name and surname, as well as to publish the photographs sent to the email address of the organizer of competition on the Facebook page and the website of the organizer of the competition and also to further spread his/her audio-visual material in the mass media, and other audio, photo and video materials.
  1. Special and final provisions
  2. The organizer reserves the right to decide on all matters relating to competition on its sole discretion. The organizer reserves the right, in appropriate cases, at any time, unilaterally and without compensation to limit, postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the competition and/or its rules set out in these competition rules. The competition organizer reserves the right, on its sole discretion, to exclude from the competition any competitor who violated and/or is violating the rules of the competition, as well as any competitor who conducts his participation in the contest contrary to good morals. Such conduct includes (especially) vote buying, exchange of votes for voting in another competition, participation in the contest or vote-getting through automatically programmed scripts or software, or through distribution of unfounded comments into several parts, and so on. In the case of exclusion of the competitor from the competition, his/her right for all prizes in the competition is immediately terminated. The organizer of the competition is entitled to publish the name of the excluded competitor on the Facebook page of the ADELI Medical Center with the reasons for his/her exclusion from the competition.
  3. The competition is organized by company ADELI, spol. s.r.o, address on Hlboká 45, 921 01 Piestany, IČO: 35850655, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Trnava., Section Sa, File no. 17467/T.
  4. The competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, controlled or affiliated with Facebook. The competitor knowingly provides his/her information to the organizer, and not to Facebook. The information that the competitor provides will be used exclusively for business and marketing purposes of the Organizer, the company ADELI, spol. s.r.o.


World CP Day Competition – October 1st

Post Your Idea

Change My World in 1 Minute!

Post your idea for something to change the world for people with cerebral palsy. It can be a big idea or a small one. Your idea might become a reality! You have from now until Friday 31 October 2014.

Win Some Amazing Prizes!

  • The most creative and innovative ideas will be eligible for a spot prize of an Apple iPad.
  • The non-profit organization whose clients, staff and supporters post the most number of ideas before 31 October will win a $10,000 prize.
  • The person whose idea scores the highest number of votes wins a $500 prize (voting opens 1 October).

How to Post Your Idea

It’s easy! Click on the blue Post an Idea Button and login with your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo or Twitter account. Or, you can create a new World CP Day account if your prefer.

[button url=”https://ideas.worldcpday.org/” size=”big”]POST AN IDEA[/button]

Please fill out the form in language of your preference, and in the field „If Yes, Please Name Organization“ write Adeli


You can come up with any idea, each of them counts! In case Adeli wins the prize money, we will use it to purchase computer-assistive technologies for new therapies!

Thank you!


Hopes & Dreams Charity

It is our pleasure to inform you that Hopes & Dreams charity is the second UK charity that has agreed to expand its philanthropic activities by considering assisting our UK patients with their fundraising efforts to undergo treatment in ADELI Medical Center. We are very grateful that this is one of the few UK non-profit organizations that is thinking outside of the box and is willing to help UK families in dire needs who are seeking treatments outside of United Kingdom. Read more


Molly Moore, 10, receives ‘space therapy’ to help after stroke

Ten-year-old Molly Moore, from Offord Cluny in Cambridgeshire, loves chips, horses and boyband One Direction, but a stroke four years ago left her unable to walk, speak or swallow.  Read more


Tree of Hope Charity & ADELI Medical Center

The Tree of Hope is a UK charity that offers hope to the families of sick children in the UK who need specialist medical surgery, treatment, therapy and equipment in order to free them from suffering, giving a better quality to their young lives.  Read more


Visit from the Hereward College

In March 2013, members of our ADELI Team participated in the exhibition Kidz in The Middle for the disabled children and their families in Coventry, UK (near Birmingham). Before the exhibition, we paid a visit to one of the leading educational institutes for the disabled young people in the UK – Hereward CollegeRead more