Donate to fleeingchair and become a fleeingchair.

On the International Refugee Day, the June 20th, we launched “Fleeingchair”, the rehabilitation project for disabled refugees. We also need you to donate. In the photos below, you can already see, how much the disabled refugees, mostly small kids, benefit from the therapy in ADELI Medical Center.

The refugee wave from Ukraine to Slovakia reveals an unexpected layer of suffering for health, workers in particular. Among refugees, there are people with all sorts of diagnoses, reliant on regular help from doctors, therapists and requiring medical supplies and compensatory aids.

The project “Fleeingchair”  is intended to help disabled refugees to get proper rehabilitation and relieve their suffering.

From March 2022, ADELI Medical Center in Piešťany provided refugium to 21 members of the Paralympian swimming club from Kiev as well as 10 families with a disabled member. Thanks to the efforts of the ADELI Foundation and many donors, it was also possible to provide two weeks of early intervention for small kids and rehabilitation for few adults.

Neuro – rehabilitation treatment is the only hope of neurological patients with movement disorders to get back on their feet. Fleeing people also suffer under strokes, brain injuries, children with cerebral palsy and babies, mostly prematurely born with complex disabilities necessarily requiring intervention for proper motor development.

You can get to know the participants of the project and donate here:

If you know a person who needs such assistance, please contact our long year colleague Natalia Savchenko:

Sofia, from Kiev, suffered a serious injury at birth and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She’s 6 years old and intensive rehabilitation treatment can help her walk.  “Sofia, her mother Olesya and sister Mary are the embodiment of peace and acceptance.  They are thankful for Slovakia, for ADELI, for their help – but they are very much missing their home. When are they coming back? This question is without an answer… – shares the impression of the little girl’s stay in ADELI the director of the ADELI Foundation Ms. Zuzana Cyprichová.  Financing of rehabilitation for Sofia was possible from the proceeds of the project “Unique Paintings”. Another patients have been helped by the ČSOB Foundation and individual donors.

The ADELI Foundation calls out empathetic people with sympathy for the burden on affected refugees: Join us to share the burden of disabled refugees. Donate to fleeingchair and become a fleeingchair.

“We have ten Ukrainian-speaking physiotherapists in ADELI and Ukrainian-speaking medical director Dr. Kristina Šugárová-Saienko. The head of Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, our dear colleague Dr. Inna Durda also comes from Ukraine.” – enlightens the environment of the European Rehabilitation Center Ms. Cyprichová. “We will do our best to relieve the trauma of disadvantage and the trauma of war with a sense of security. ” – presents the meaning of the project the director of the ADELI Foundation, Ms. Zuzana Cyprichová.

How do the refugees react to the help? They express endless gratitude to the donors. As one of them says: There is hope. The hope for peace and for the daughter to take the first separate steps in her diagnosis. She’s a child and no one can take away her hope of running and laughing along with her peers.‘ 

The project started symbolically on Refugee Day on 20th June 2022 and will proceed, until the good will to help disabled refugees still lasts. We will keep you informed about the outcome of the initiative.

Thank you!