early rehabilitation

Early intervention for kids with developmental delay.

Almost 13% of ADELI patients are children in the age from 6 months to 3 years and all of them come for early intervention to shorten their developmental delay.

Why is the early intervention for kids with developmental delay necessary?

These babies have not been achieving milestones within the age range of normal variability. It is mostly probably symptom of global development or learning delay (i.e. known as a disability.) Parents arrive to ADELI Medical Center for the intervantion program in order to achieve the best possible individual intervention care for their baby. The hope is to use the child brain’s neuroplasticity and accelerate the development to the highest possible level.

How do I know my kid needs the early intervention?

Babies arriving to ADELI are mostly already given a suspected diagnosis such as:

  • impairment od central (nervous) system,
  • congenital malformations of the nervous system,
  • developmental disorders or
  • genetic syndroms.

The delay is evident in the areas of gross and fine motoric, communication skill´s development and social interacting level. In ADELI we very often work with premature born babies.

We see the perspective optimistic: our experience proves that all our small patients are very unique, all equal in their inexhaustible love of life!

Have a look at our therapy in early intervention program BabyMed.

During the therapy, we try to attract the attention of each of our patients, even if sometimes it is not an easy task. The child should be maximally involved in the therapy process, the awarness increases the effect of the therapy increases. The presence of a parent is very welcome and useful for home rehabilitation. See how our little starlet Ariana is doing!

Read more about ARIANA, the baby from our video. It is a good example that applies to all treated kids in early intervention program.

Ariana on the way to feel her body.

Everyday striving leads Ariana to the goal of mastering her body, being aware of it, of its movements in space, feeling it and understanding it. In ADELI´s BabyMed we consider early intervention by developmental delays as crucial for the later child ´s health perspective.

How did Ariana´s story started?

Doctors suggested mother Jana to leave the baby in the care of the state. However: Jana is not one of those who gives up so easily.

“Do not take the birth of a special child, which fell to your lot, as the end of everything, but as an unexpected scenario of life, also full of joyful and good things,” says Ari’s mother.

The baby was diagnosed with ring chromosome 18, a rare genetic disorder, accompanied by poor vision and hearing, hypotension. Soon after the birth, Ariana also had to struggle with meningitis … After antibiotic treatment, they were discharged home. During the first 24 hours at home, Ariana’s condition deteriorated so much that they were again taken to the hospital with a cerebral hemorrhage … The girl was put into an artificial coma. Nobody believed that these huge eyes would open again … But the thirst for life won. To the surprise of all doctors, the “hopeless case” turned into a miracle: Ariana will soon be 2 years old.

Early intervention of Ari

Ari’s mom had to learn many things – cleaning the tracheostomy, special exercises, familiarizing herself with a wide range of special baby food and feeding methods, aids for special children. But a number of tasks can be solved only by specialists. At home, highly specialized therapists come to the baby, for example, Vojta therapist. Ariana first came to rehabilitation and after the first week of treatment, her mother planned the next course. She is incredibly satisfied with work of the therapists and her daughter achievements.

Yana began to rehabilitate her daughter very early. She motivates her just like an ordinary child: “Come on, try, I warned you that you will need to work!” Ariana opens her eyes and listens carefully to her mother.

In the hands of our therapists, every day one feels an increase in strength in the soft muscles of Ariana, one feels her diligence, her response to external influences. The therapists gently and persistently guide their patients to success, stimulate them to action. You can see in the video how they connected to the baby, motivated and encouraged her. And she works on the way to her goal and makes others happy.

early intervention

Life goes on!

More recently, Ariana has a brother, Aidan. When they are laid next to them, the sister, in an amazing way, stretches out her naughty hand to him, opens her eyes, and concentrates on stirring her brother’s hair. The family believes that Aidan will be her best friend and support in her struggle.