Let us introduce you to Juliana!

She is real SMAily – not only in the sense of diagnosis (SMA), but also in the sense of a charming, contagious smile!

Juliana and her mom came from Siberia, despite the kilometers and the epidemiological situation. Having traveled a long journey of 4000 kilometers, having spent several days in quarantine in Slovakia, having passed the test and received a negative result, Juliana began her rehabilitation.

When asked how mom dared to take such a trip, Lyudmila replies:

– We need it. It is our goal to receive rehabilitation so our daughter grows stronger. And we are ready to go through difficulties and quarantine for our goal. We received treatment in America, and now we have come to ADELI for rehabilitation. We want to try and hope she will have a positive result.

Under these conditions, such families are real heroes. After all, time is very valuable for our patients, and it is a pity that people get stuck at home because of corona virus situation. We know many children lose their previously acquired skills without rehabilitation. The progress of others stops without treatment. Juliana’s family are fighters, and they are not afraid of obstacles.

In April 2020, Juliana received treatment with Zolgensma and now it is extremely important to improve her skills with rehabilitation. You can get to know the family better on their Instagram channel https://www.instagram.com/yulianasmailik/