Regaining body control

Due to damage to the central nervous system, the brain sends the wrong signals to the body. This is externally observed in the absence of body control, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and sometimes speech disorders. The nervous system constantly communicates incorrect information to the brain, which, in turn, tries to learn from the distorted signals. In medical language, these signals are called pathological proprioception.

ADELI breaks this cycle with a series of measures that activate healthy physiological proprioception and provide the brain with the right information. This is achieved through:

– Special active and passive exercises under the guidance of selected specialists.

– Use of special equipment to amplify afferent signals.

As a result*, patients learn to control their bodies. Of course, it depends on the specific case. In some cases, we cannot immediately see the external visible effect, or even the effect cannot be evaluated visually. Rehabilitation is a long-term process and every contribution to it is important.

* Treatment outcomes may vary from case to case basis.