Spider therapy

The multifunctional exercise unit (MEU) in the ADELI Medical Center is an extraordinarily versatile piece of equipment that offers a wide variety of benefits for patients with neurological diseases. The so-called “SPIDER” consists of a bench, ring bands and ropes. Using high-resistance weights, “Spider therapy”, the MEU strengthens muscles while teaching the brain the correct movement pattern for each limb. The MEU can also be used with children: The child is positioned in a crawling position. This builds muscle tone as well as increasing strength in the arms, legs, and shoulders. In addition, the straight positioning of the head improves head control. By incorporating resistance with weights and avoiding compensatory movements of weak muscle groups while ignoring gravity, the patient can focus on a specific, correct movement. At the ADELI Medical Center, the multifunctional exercise unit “Spider” is the focus of therapy for very dear colleagues: Miško, Anetka, Patricia and Kristina. They really get the patients going so you can experience a real Spiderman feeling😊

At the ADELI Medical Center, this multifunctional exercise unit is one of the optional therapies that can be added to the rehabilitation program in consultation with the doctor treating you. In order to optimally incorporate the exercise unit into your therapy structure, please contact your assistant or fill in our contact form.